humans, despite their simple nature, love complicating things.

it’s this deep rooted need to exacerbate, to make up stories from the obvious, write songs to express longings and confusions, when it really isn’t a mystery how happiness can be obtained. by through observation, I’ve reached the conclusion that, basically, people love feeling miserable. it feels like unhappiness serves both as a cause and an excuse for not taking things as they are, and for not taking action when it’s desperately required.

want a new life? don’t whine and bitch about it, like you don’t know what to do.

your job is crap ? well, better look for something else, work on learning a new skill to get where you need to be.

not happy with your partner ? be honest about it and allow yourself to move on.

going through endless scenarios of what might happen if you would talk to the one you’re thinking of, write long country folks about how you’re getting drunk and how you miss those loving arms ? aaah, how touching..a guy called Bell invented a thing called telephony, if the possibility of a real conversation scares the shit out of you.

a girl says she needs her space? well, it’s just that,she needs her space. breathe a little, don’t take yourself  that seriously.

worried about global warming ? better turn those lights off, if you don’t really need them.

it’s not necessarily easy to understand all this, but here’s the awful truth:

life is great the way it is.


keep it simple, stupid!


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