why not be happy


Mornings are life, good luck, love calling rituals. I feel them so when I wake up without rush, stretch my whole body, feeling how good it was to sleep, to rest all dreams. It’s a magic ritual washing lazy thoughts down the drain, run fingers through my hair to tame it, pull down a comfortable t-shirt, breath in the crisp morning air and sit just a bit longer at the window to say my hellos to the old chestnut that guarded my childhood.

I love the smell of coffee, the sound of coffee grinding. It tickles my senses and I’m flushed and smiling before I even taste it. The floor feels a bit cold to the feet but I have no mood to wear socks, I like feeling the house waking up, warming up with me. I sit in the middle of the bed, soft, holding my cup of coffee, look at the window, and inhale the peace cat’s sleep brings to the room. I smile feeling blessed…and I start to write.

Have a happy morning, believers and non-believers all the same. Life is this moment and what you make of it. Live it well


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