sell yourself short



did I make it to your shortlist, are all points checked, am I good enough?

I stretch and shrink and change opinions as easily as I change clothes, just for you and you alone, honey.

I watch that stupid match and drink that awful drink and hang around to fool myself that I like that and that I like you, when in fact I don’t like myself when I’m with you. you see, because of all the shrinking and stretching and over-adapting ,I kind of lost track of how big I am. that’s why I sit quietly in your palm and let you place me wherever it pleases you. it’s a god damn good feeling pleasing you, this is how I punish myself for not raising to world’s standards, accepting all the projections other people throw on me, layers and layers that cover my eyes.

and you know all that,deep down inside. and you like having me in the palm of your hand, like a little lifeless figurine, swallowing your words and putting up with your bullshit, because you too have been subjected to other people’s personality contortion, so you’re a king now and I’m your ill fated princess, as expected of a young loving couple.

funny how girls are taught to dream to become princesses, while boys are expected to be princes right from the start, level up for one another the Cinderella-Porn society.

I don’t need saving, thank you very much, I’m my own savior and no, I’m not a princess, no more than you are a prince.


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