get your wild

drive (Large)

I let go.

Surrender, stop, rewind and blissfully feel the cold wind washing my face, my chest, my open arms, run through open hands, intertwined with morning rays while I stretch out through the car window.

This is how beginnings look like, joy and full speed ahead, not running from what was behind, but taking it all with me. All the stories felt, lived, encrypted deeply in my flesh born from the divine spark that once was a snowflake.

Waking up early in the morning, sleepy eyes, quickly washing and changing clothes, the way the snow feels like, starting long trails to reach the sky on mountains peaks, feet sink in the white cold layers, steams freezing hair locks. Tired feet, victorious smiles, world is a nutshell.

Laid back on a park bench, music in my ears, tears in my eyes, smoke in my hands, empty pockets, dark green trees watching over me, planning life furiously, fighting fear. Going back to nothingness and picking up the fight from where I’d left it.

The long highway sunset driving, summer warmth breathing in and out my dress, midnight naked swimming, toes full of sand, happy laughter, hitchhiking from one town to another, dancing into a dervish trance, sipping drinks and hot lips, music aloud and screamingly quiet stars all together, warm sea water, sunglasses, chilly mornings, sun burnt, heart burnt, restlessness and talking all night long about what lies beyond the wind and sea, feeling blessed for friends and for full moon.

Childish games, school home works, urban parties, walking home, first kiss, sound of cars passing by, old man asking “Do you know at what time will the rain start ?”, getting drunk, being carried up the stairs, dancing in smoky rooms, ignoring tomorrow because now is all there is.

Images continuously rush, fragments of feelings, joy and sadness, fury and fight, amazing places, amazing people, grateful for everything, wild hearted life choice.

The road is yours and yours alone and you’re the maker of your own magic. And what a triumph life is when you travel with open heart and wind in your hair.

Photo Credit – Sunset Drive Emanuel Rosario


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