to do list


Seeds of future actions vibrate through mind continuously, with the whole day planned out, burnt out: “don’t forget umbrella”, “reach in two places at once without having a clone”.

Jet lag, car traffic, urban rush, lunch meetings, coffee, catch the bus, deadline, due payment, busy day, casual Friday, grocery list, laundry day, house cleaning, manicure appointment, feed cat, to do, to do, do, do, do, get home, get cooking, get creative, get lucky, get wasted, get some rest, get things done.

Plans start before eyes open, signs sneaking like thieves in night’s dreams, unfinished business claiming space to get resolved: maybe a conversation where conclusions haven’t been reached the day before, or a recurrent running away or falling theme. Lists narrow down, new objectives are added, checking one thing after another, breathing surprised at the blank page when all is done, week after week, season after season, stressing yourself with other people’s expectations for you, putting more pressure on you as time goes by with to never ending tasks.

Rest, breathe, and relax, put your head on the pillow because all is to do, do, do, Done !

Is it?

Oh shit, I forgot to have kids!


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