Thank you for fixing my door hinges

My dear one,

Thank you for not being scared of my wildness, for having thought me what long term plans mean, for staying up late at night to help me prepare the portfolio for the job I wanted, for coaching me how to deal with the one I hated, for the treats and small loving gestures that meant the world to me, for welcoming me into your loving kind family, for teaching me patience, for truly understanding me and not being scared of the hardships I had to face, for being there at all times, no reservations and questions, for helping me discover myself, for growing up together and for growing wiser, for forgiving my weakness and selfishness and thoughtless words, for the times we cried and laughed together, for singing and dancing and drinking together, for having fun and making love.

Most of all, thank you for being the wonderful human being that you are, for being the man that you hold the promise to be and for having welcomed me into your life then and now.



One thought on “Thank you for fixing my door hinges

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