wide open

we shared our vulnerability, chest wide open with a view to the beating red heart.

it felt awkward  and scary and all the same exciting with the tremble of adventure. we would not plunge from sky air crafts, but dive into our fear abyss , scratch untold pains, buried deep within our veins, circulated over and over to our dying and newly born cells.. so much that we had forgotten how it was to be pain free.

it was not the shadows of our past that scared us the most, but the sheer utterance of the „not to be spoken of”, the fact that it was really happening, and that we might hemorrhage standing like this,  ribs apart , letting it all pour out.

the understanding

the shades of our skin grew paler and paler, our hearts wildly pumping forgotten sensations, eyes sore.

and we recovered ourselves. vulnerable but strong.

as we were

without our regrettable burdens


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