wrong ways

I’m fine

do not worry about me. I have my hat on my head to keep it warm and have enough thoughts to keep me happy as I walk on the streets.

I’m lost

do not worry about me. thoughts take me to a different now and my feet are walking in all the directions you think of as bad for me.

streets with scary names and big shinning warning signs, like in the little red ridding hood cartoons pointing away. streets I was afraid to walk on in my dreams. reality is so much better than the sheer illusion of wishful thinking. I can taste it, feel every new unknown in all my bones.

so what if the wind blows ? I can feel my skin burning from the cold and that is exactly what it needs be – feeling. to feel all the rush, the excitement, the fear, the joy,the anger, the hope,the pain, the fight.they are all mine and I can surrender to each sensation

obliviate it all.

and then be grateful for the experiences and what they have thought me.

so do not worry about me. for I am lost to these old ways of the world.


Dazzle Razzle me

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