An idea started rolling around in my head today. Yes, it does happen from time to time.

It was like a ball passing from one thing or person to another and then resting in the back, laid aside by futile concerns. It sprang from the thought of weather and irreversible time, ricocheted from remembering Seb Montaz’s film about baselining, images turning at 360 degrees in my head and wanderlust, and bounced back from a colleague telling me about taking some time off from work. Nothing connected really. It all added up when seeing Available with Cosmin Manolescu.

In Romanian “a lua liber” means to take some time off work, in a informal language. “Liber” means free(as in the quality/state of freedom.

In the appreciation of some people, freedom means to follow one’s dreams, to be true to oneself, while others consider that freedom is full access to material or abstract things – such as access to products or the right to express political views without fear of oppression.

They are all right.

They are all wrong.

As a child, our state and highest objective is joy. The connection we have with each others and the possibilities the moment and the future hold are endless. That is until we get educated in the way society holds us to be and get to sell ourselves little by little searching to gain something which is inherently ours, something we strive to feel again, to get that pure state of joy.

Freedom is not a right, as constitutions claim it. Freedom is something that belongs to us, like our arms and our feet, but unlike using all our limbs, we treat our freedom like a broken arm, not stretching it too far, afraid it will hurt or break more.

We strive to reach freedom doing extreme, out of ordinary actions. We jump from heights, we get naked, we climb, we fly, we walk on hot coals, we fall in love..We do all this breaking boundaries

But it’s not only by pumping adrenalin that we get to feel free, (all though, for me, this has been one of the closest and strongest in body and spirit, besides falling in love) We do this by communicating, painting, fixing objects, dancing, or getting involved in what may seem as un-necessary actions in this so very hands on-become someone because you’re not already-practical world.

Watching the three people dance, bringing together their availability, shedding their identities and clothes, and perhaps making some people uncomfortable with their freedom, it clicked. We are all looking to reconnect with ourselves and while some accept that fear is part of the process and progress in their search, others watch, fearing to discover their personal freedom. That limb has been broken for too long, what’s the point?

One thing I know, once you discover your freedom, you can do anything. So don’t settle too long. Be as you are

Tell me, how does your freedom look like?


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